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Our Story

Live like no one else now, so later, you can live and give like no one else. - Dave Ramsey

My name is Lindsey and I'm the proud owner of Hazelwood Candle Co. I started Hazelwood officially in September 2019, but started making candles back in 2017 as a hobby. The event that really sparked my desire to turn my hobby into a business stems from the quote you see above. My husband and I went through a program called Financial Peace University. Through this program, we learned how to finally manage our money and get out of debt. It was the most life changing thing for us (besides getting married and having our daughter of course!). We felt like we could finally breathe and start making life choices that WE wanted, and not just letting life happen to us.

Well, part of the debt-free journey is buying older, cash cars. We've vowed to never have a car payment ever again in our lifetime. So, we tend to buy older but still reliable cars that may not be the fanciest option out there, but it'll get the job done. What does this have to do with candles? 

There was a family in our church that we connected with that had been through some hard times. They were struggling financially and did not have reliable transportation in order to keep a steady job. Well, since I had been making candles on the side, I thought to myself, maybe I could make a ton of candles and sell them as a fundraiser and raise enough money to get them a cash car? Fast forward a few months and a TON of candles later, we were able to give this family a car so they could start to live a better future.

After this happened, I thought, "what if we could buy more cars for more people?" and "how could I begin to raise enough money to do this?" And so began my journey to turn my former hobby into a business I'm passionate about that allows me to give back to my community. What started out as helping one family with one car, has now grown into, “How else can I give back?” We hope that you’ll join in our mission, buy some amazing candles, and be part of extending a helping hand to those in need. May God bless you!  

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